Do You Want To Know How to be Good in Bed?

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Lets face it. Life is complicated. Its difficult  enough to find someone to share your life with without worrying if you are pleasing the other person sexually or not.

I know youve heard it before but if you want to be good in bed, it starts with the brain, not the sex organs. It may be hard to be great in bed if youve just worked a terrible ten hour day. If you want to know how to be better in bed, you really do have to feel romantic, or at least get yourself in a romantic mood. Do you want to know how to be great in bed?

Many times stress and the rat race rob us of our sensuality and romance. If you want to know how to be great in bed, you will have to work on that.

Another common thing that gets in the way is being too conscious of the act itself. The fear of performing poorly, of being not appealing physically. I mean if we all thought about exactly what we were doing during lovemaking it might seem rather disgusting. But its not.

Therefore the right frame of mind, affection and passion are really the important factors in how to be good in bed men, or ladies.

The next important factor is to be knowledgeable. We may think we know what we are doing but do we?

Welcome to "How to be Good in Bed" a resource for better lovemaking !

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