How to Be Good in Bed ?

No one knows better than me that the subject "how to be good in bed" is an important subject.

I was always too self conscious of what I percieved as my weaknesses. I was convinced that my body wasnt perfect and therefore I couldnt possibly please anyone else.

Do we learn how to be good in bed from school, friends or TV?

Intimacy was always like a test to me. I was so anxious that there was no way I could do this right. All of this cost me relationships and even friendships. .

I tried a few things that i read in magazines but I didnt have good information so I became more desperate.

Finally after years of misery, I did discover products and knowledge that helped me. I wasnt going to face life alone.

I started this blog to discuss what you may be feeling and to give you hope that there is good information and products out there to help. You can do this.

You can learn at any time, how to be good in bed.

Sometimes Finding the Right Person is a matter of Chemistry-

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How To Find The G-Spot
and Techniques To Drive Your Lady Wild

Did you know that women
can have several different types of orgasms? That’s right.

Of course, it’s no
surprise that the “holy grail” of all the female orgasms is achieved
with the G-spot. But finding it and knowing how to pleasure her G-spot is the
hard part! Here’s an A-to-Z on everything you need to know…

1. How to find the G-spot
First of all, the G-spot
is actually a zone, rather than an actual 'spot.' The G-spot is located about
2 inches inside the vagina on the topside. (On the underside of her stomach.)
You'll know when you've found it because it feels like a ribbed bump, like the
roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth.

2. How should you stimulate it?
While most men would love
to satisfy their ladies with intercourse, it’s not always the best idea.
Why? Because it depends on factors like the position, her level of arousal,
and penis and vaginal shape and size. In short: using fingers is the easiest
way to reach orgasm with the most chance of success.

3. Important: Before stimulating the G-spot
In most cases, women need
to have their clitoris stimulated before stimulating the G-spot. But once it's
fully stimulated, the clitoris is often too sensitive for direct contact. Ask
your lady. Otherwise, the G-spot may feel dry and uncomfortable. After this
point, you can move onto the G-spot.

4. The best positions to stimulate the G-spot
To really stimulate the
G-spot, you'll need to be in a position that gives you great easy access to
work your magic. Here are two suggestions: 1) Your lady lies on her back while
you lie next to her, using your stronger arm. 2) She sits in doggie-style position,
while you sit and pleasure her from behind. Actually, if you want even more
passion and excitement, try changing from one position to another over the course
of your stimulation. Now let’s talk about how you should pleasure it.

5. How to stimulate the G-spot with this technique
The motion you want to
use is the "come over here" gesture, using your fingers. Keep in mind
that the G-spot is different from the clitoris, which means, in most cases,
you’ll stroke it slightly harder than the clitoris. Start by massaging
it lightly and work your way up to a point she finds incredibly satisfying.

6. How to tell if she’s enjoying it
First of all, remember
that the best feeling will vary for every woman. Alternate between two very
slight movements or spots to find what she likes best. You’ll know what
she likes by her breathing or when she firmly grips you. Having said all that,
there is a way to make this experience even MORE pleasurable.

7. The missing piece to a powerful orgasm
Did you know that prolonged
foreplay is said to intensify orgasms? That’s right. However, men often
focus so much on “performing” that they forget about spicing up
their lovemaking with new and exciting things. Let’s face it; most of
us are guilty of this.

You take your clothes off.
Away you go, and,
within a few seconds or minutes, the routine is over. But as the bedroom magic
fades, it becomes harder and harder to make woman achieve orgasms. Why? Because
women long for variety in their sexual experience.

The very best way to please
women long-term is to have an entire ‘bag of ideas’ ready to pull
out whenever they’re needed. I cannot stress the need to keep your lovemaking
fresh and exciting in every way. That’s the secret to fulfilled lovemaking.The secret to "how to be good in bed"

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Lovemaking Tips and Secrets

Do You Want To Know How to be Good in Bed?

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Lets face it. Life is complicated. Its difficult  enough to find someone to share your life with without worrying if you are pleasing the other person sexually or not.

I know youve heard it before but if you want to be good in bed, it starts with the brain, not the sex organs. It may be hard to be great in bed if youve just worked a terrible ten hour day. If you want to know how to be better in bed, you really do have to feel romantic, or at least get yourself in a romantic mood. Do you want to know how to be great in bed?

Many times stress and the rat race rob us of our sensuality and romance. If you want to know how to be great in bed, you will have to work on that.

Another common thing that gets in the way is being too conscious of the act itself. The fear of performing poorly, of being not appealing physically. I mean if we all thought about exactly what we were doing during lovemaking it might seem rather disgusting. But its not.

Therefore the right frame of mind, affection and passion are really the important factors in how to be good in bed men, or ladies.

The next important factor is to be knowledgeable. We may think we know what we are doing but do we?

Welcome to "How to be Good in Bed" a resource for better lovemaking !

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Ladies -Concerned Over Your Mans Porn ?

Ideally, lovemaking should be a dual focus. That is both parties should be thinking of both satisfying themselves and satisfying their partner. Many women question whether they are good enough in bed, if they find their man still interested in erotic movies. According to Allan Berger P.H.D., there is nothing to worry about. Its just a case of the man on occasion being a little more selfish. It is normal to on occasion want to satisfy just yourself and it is not to be interpreted as you not satisfying him.
I wonder though, what are the implications if your man insists on both at the same time ?

Men ! New Turn-on Discovered !

Young couple outdoors, man kissing woman on cheek

According to a recent study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, if you want to know how to be good in bed 
maybe you should move the bed, ......outdoors!
Research has shown that women observing the sexual act via porn
were more aroused when the scenes took place outdoors. I wouldnt be surprised if this worked for men as well.

Time for an erotic camping trip ?

10 Ways to Rekindle the Magic in Your Relationship

10 Ways To Rekindle The
Magic In Your Relationship

Are you frustrated that
your relationship doesn’t have the magic and romance that it once had?

You’re not alone. Living with the same partner for a long time can become stable and comfortable, and, as a result, can also cause the loss of the spark that made your relationship
so special in the first place. Here are some simple, fun and creative ideas
to reignite that magic:

1. Send them a unique gift at work - 
Get a piece of paper and some crayons. Draw a bright childlike picture with a smiley
sun and two stick figures holding hands. Add labels with your two names pointing
to the stick figures. Write ‘I Love You’ inside a heart. Next get a large formal
envelope. Place your drawing inside and type up a formal address label of your
partner's workplace, such as: “For the immediate and urgent attention of: Rebecca
Jones, Level 20, Collins & Smith Solicitors, New York.” Mail it to your partner
so they receive it in the middle of a busy day.

2. Become kids again - 
If you are walking by a park, visit the swings and give your
partner a ride. This will often bring back happy memories from their childhood.

3. Fun with water 
- On a hot summer’s day, buy two large water pistols and take them
to the beach with you. Pull them out and throw one to your partner and then
have a huge water fight.

4. A massage with a twist - Buy a small, decorated cardboard box, a sheet of colored
tissue paper, some massage oil and a blank card. Line the box with the tissue
paper. Place the massage oil in the box and write the following message on the
card: I know a great masseur. 

5. Bring back childhood
memories -
Contact your partner's family and ask if there was anything
she always wanted when she was a little girl. For example if she always wanted
a porcelain doll, buy one for her birthday. She will not only appreciate the
gift, but also the fact that you were thoughtful enough to find out what she
always wanted. You can do this for your man too.

6. Stare at the clouds - Drive into the country, find a grassy hill, and lie with your
partner and look up at the clouds.

7. Go for a walk on the beach - Trace out the shape of a large love heart in the sand.
Sit inside the heart and cuddle your partner as you watch the sun go down.

8. Organize a backyard picnic - Spread
a picnic blanket on the ground and get together some snacks, chocolates and
champagne. Lie down on the blanket with your partner and gaze up at the stars

9. Show you’re grateful - Leave a long-stem rose where your partner will find it, with a note on it saying:
"Thank you for coming into my life."

10. Spice up your lovemaking
Probably the most profound way to rekindle the romance
in your relationship is to spice up your lovemaking. Surprise your partner with
a little gift after you make love, try a new position, learn to give your partner
a sensual massage before or after, or just spend some time staring into each
other’s eyes and caressing their bare skin before making love.

Many people underestimate
the affect passionate and intimate lovemaking has on a relationship. If you
spice it up, chances are you and your partner will naturally do romantic things
for each other. Why? Because passionate lovemaking connects two people in a
meaningful and unexplainable way that nothing else can.

About the Author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael
Webb is the author of 500 Lovemaking Tips, a book full of ways to spice up your
lovemaking, adding more passion, pleasure and intimacy to your experience. To
read more, visit:
Lovemaking Tips and Secrets

Lovemaking Mistakes That Couples Make and How To Avoid Them

7 Lovemaking Mistakes
That Couples Make and How To Avoid Them

Did you know that people
who try to spice up their lovemaking, often make their experiences LESS fulfilling?
It’s true.

Over the years, I've seen
couples make the same mistakes over and over again, when trying to improve their
love lives, and I'd like to teach you how to overcome and avoid these problems.
Here are the 7 lovemaking mistakes. Are you making them?

Mistake #1: Feeling
scared or embarrassed to talk about trying new things

Have you ever had an idea
to spice up your lovemaking but were afraid of what your partner may think?
Believe it or not, in 90% of cases, your partner would LOVE to try something
new, too, but they're just as uncomfortable or embarrassed about bringing it
up as you are.

And you don't need to introduce
whips, chains or a third person. That's nonsense! There are hundreds of ways
to bring variety to your passionate play that aren't crude or dangerous and
that your partner is sure to be comfortable with.

Mistake #2: Trying
to convince the partner to make love

If your lover is tired
or not in the mood for sex, trying to convince or persuade them to have sex
almost NEVER works. On the other hand, when a person is sexually aroused, their
body releases the chemical 'adrenaline' into the bloodstream. This chemical
is what gives you the energy to make love. So here's how to arouse them the
right way. Yes, even if they're tired.

Ladies: Want
to get him in the mood? Give him fellatio or manually stroke him between 9 –
10 in the morning. This is when his testosterone levels are highest for the
day. For better results, also wear something sexy or nothing at all. He'll like

Deep passionate kisses are one of the biggest 'turn-ons' for women. Looking
in her eyes and touching her face while kissing her can really increase arousal,
too. And give some attention to her neck––it will drive her wild.
But don't rush this! Spend quality time building up her arousal with your sensual

Mistake #3: Neglecting
foreplay to enjoy intercourse sooner

People in a relationship
(especially men) tend to neglect foreplay so they can begin to enjoy intercourse
sooner, but did you know that foreplay is actually said to intensify orgasms?

That's right. If you kiss,
caress and touch longer, you can make your lovemaking even more satisfying.
So SLOW DOWN. Take your time. If you want to make it even better, tease your
partner in a playful way. (This works like crazy.)

If you find something that
they really enjoy, stop doing it, move back, and then do it again later. The
more you pull back and push forward, the more they'll want it. And the more
intense their experience will be. There are many games you can play to heighten
this anticipation, too.

Mistake #4: Using
toys or porn to make your lovemaking better

When sex hits a rough patch,
many couples (men especially) think that a video, some plastic or vibrating
thingy will instantly takes things through the roof.

Wrong!… While toys
can certainly have their place in your lovemaking repertoire, relying on them
can be extremely dangerous. These outside sources of pleasure can quickly make
lovemaking even less fulfilling.

Why? Because you don't
want your partner to end up looking forward to their plastic toy for pleasure
more than they look forward to pleasure with you, do you? Couples need to first
fully discover how to please all their spouses' body parts before introducing
other elements. Use them as a spice, not the main course.

Mistake #5: Trying
to make the woman orgasm ONLY from intercourse

Men often feel "unmanly"
if they can't satisfy their woman from intercourse. But what they need to understand
is that a large number of women can't achieve orgasm through normal lovemaking.

Just knowing this takes the pressure off men completely. Now there's no need
to get upset when their women don’t reach orgasm. Instead, men should
master the art of cunnilingus (going down on a woman).

Mistake #6: Trying
to “finish” at the same time

Simultaneous orgasms are
quite overrated. Instead of aiming for one orgasm that you share together, focus
completely on the woman’s needs first. Hold off from the positions you
find most enjoyable and instead make love in ways that are most pleasurable
for your lady, until she is completely satisfied. That way you have a much greater
chance of both climaxing.

Mistake #7: Sticking
to a “set routine” too often

You know the drill. You
take your clothes off, insert part A into part B, and, within a few minutes,
the routine is over. Sound familiar?

No matter how fantastic
lovemaking can be, there’s no denying it can get boring over the years.
And the reason is because lovemaking in its basic act is always the same. But
the danger is letting it get “too routine,” which can begin to affect
your relationship.

The BEST WAY to protect
your love life and precious connection with your partner is to have lots of
new lovemaking ideas ready at your disposal.

That's the secret.

In fact, when you have
an abundance of NEW tips and techniques ready, you’ll enjoy more hot,
steamy and passionate lovemaking, discover newfound enthusiasm to make love
and even make love more often.

About the Author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael
Webb is the author of 500 Lovemaking Tips, a book full of ways to spice up your
lovemaking, adding more passion, pleasure and intimacy to your experience. To
read more, visit:
Lovemaking Tips and Secrets

500 Lovemaking Tips Book Review

500 Lovemaking Tips ­ Book Review

One of the biggest challenges couples in long-term relationships face is trying to keep their lovemaking red, hot and steamy. Early on in a relationship, the passion and newness of your lovemaking is always unforgettable; but, as that initial magic fades, it becomes harder to make things exciting again.

So is “500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets” by acclaimed author Michael Webb the right book to bring back the fire? Here’s my take on it.

The book begins with a general foundation and understanding on lovemaking, briefly discussing topics like bedroom toys, adult films, the importance of romance for lovemaking, and interesting truths about Kama Sutra. It also contains a lubrication guide and 16 fully illustrated lovemaking positions in the back of the book. These are all nice touches, but the main attraction and bulk of the book is the 500+ tips.

I have to say, I really LOVE that you can open the book, pick a page and have between 8 ­ 10 easy-to-read tips ready to inspire or use right away. No need to read through dozens of long-winded paragraphs. Everything is formatted neatly and is very easy on the eyes. This is a big plus when you’re just about to make love spur-of-the-moment and you want some ideas.

So, what about the actual tips themselves?

This book is a treasure chest of ideas. It has 539 tips in total. They range from oral sex tips for both men and women, to games you can play to make foreplay more fun (although I would have loved to see more games). It also has tips to make intercourse feel better and unique, ways to surprise your partner like “coming out of the shower with just a towel and playing with your wife,” and even some cool places to make love that most people would never have thought of. While I didn’t find all the tips exciting (which was expected), I found more than enough that appealed to me.

The tips are all mixed together, which can get a little overwhelming. I recommend you skim through the book a few times rather than trying to read the whole thing in one sitting.

This book also lives up to its promise of not containing any raunchy, degrading, immoral or perverted ideas that so many lovemaking books seem to have.

In conclusion, while not all the tips in the book amazed me and I would have been nice to see some more ‘games’, it’s still THE most complete book of tips and ideas on improving lovemaking I’ve ever read. Nothing else comes close. All in all, I found it very enjoyable to read and use :) So if you want to make your lovemaking exciting again or even if you just want some tips for more pleasure, then I highly recommend this book for you.

For more information about 500 Lovemaking Tips to go: Free Lovemaking Tips

How to be Good in Bed Men

Wondering how to be good in bed men?

First of all, stop worrying about your performance. Women have their own worrys. Are they pretty enough?Should they be more aggressive? Should they make the first move? All of this worrying and pre-thinking on both sides takes away from the pleasure of lovemaking.

Instead think how you feel about the person. How much youve wanted to be in bed with them. How great they looked this week.

Dont forget the gentle caresses. This will impress a woman every time. Lovemaking is not meant to be a robotic act.

Finally, express yourself. Its o.k. to express your pleasure naturally, not dramatically. Take your time, there is no race involved in lovemaking.

Good in Bed Summary

Good in Bed Summary

Dont be overconcerned with your performance
Think about your feelings for your partner
Express yourself
Dont overlook the little things
Experiment just a bit on occasion
Be aware of responses

What Men Want in Bed

Many women wonder what men want in bed. They have very little to worry about.

Generally speaking men are too concerned with their "performance" to be wanting something in particular from their partner.

The average man is wondering if he is large enough, firm enough, able to last long enough etc.

On the other hand, he is happy he has got this far. This all makes for a good situation for the woman. If you are wondering what men want in bed, they want to know they are doing a good job in satisfying the woman. So women, you can relax about this. If anything, just express your feelings and the man will feel he is a pretty good lover.